31 March 2010

Fantasy - the sky's the limit!

Day 2 of my new found blogging. Already I feel addicted and can see why so many people have turned to it as a new found diary entry re-invented for the new millenia.
It's been a day of baking and playing catch-ups as I'm still behind on computer work since having a pulmonary embolism. Instead I'm here playing with my new found friend and have decided to dedicate a few hours each week to keeping up with the X-gener's. This week involves an R2D2 tribute for a little boy, a couple of "au natural" wedding cakes and a jukebox for a 50th birthday.

"Natural Beauty" - just a token photo of what I mean when I say a "natural" cake.

30 March 2010

It's a Sweet Day!

Well, this is the first of many blogs to come. I thought what a brilliant way to keep people updated on what's going on in "the cake girl" world...and let the world see what's being created each week.

Of course some of the cake photos will be edited - either for PG reasons or because the cake has been made before but generally my cakes will be updated.

"Contrasting Fantasy" At the moment my favourite cake - even though I'm sure there were more than a few guests sporting black teeth at the photographer for that magic shot!