28 May 2011

It's a Piece of Cake!

  No seriously, I mean it - making cakes just seems to come naturally to me. Mum says I have more patience with my cake detailing than I have had in my whole life! I think it just comes from loving what you do. I can sit and make cakes, watch other people making cakes and search the internet for cake inspirations to the 'enth degree. I eat, sleep and dream cakes...how sad is my life?

  The following was an inspiration from the Japan earthquake/tsunami disaster. My sister and her family live in Tokyo and talking to her on the phone during the whole event had me constantly worrying and feeling for the Japanese people. Their culture is one of peace and haapiness. Everything they do is done to perfection...even their faulty crockery is made specifically to be faulty! I loved my brief stay in Japan last year and if I had the chance I would fly back in a second.

  I get to the point where sometimes it feels like everything I do is cake and my friends complain they never see me or I don't socialise enough. Funny thing is, that when I do it's usually because of cake! A friend orders a cake and I'm there... at the party...why? because of the cake.
  Funny enough - I swear I do think of my friends and catch up on reading what they're up to in their lives (admittedly it's usually on Facebook) and interject with funny/witty comments when I can - funny and witty to me that is. I live vicariously through their holidays and happy moments and wish them all the best in their lives and hope that we can find the time to sit down and have a laugh. But ultimately I'm back to my cakes.
  Another pastry chef told me the other day that my talent was wasted on cakes. I have to say I disagree. I love the fact that my cakes are made and destroyed. They are loved by my clients and hopefully I play a small but significant part in their memories of happy times with friends and family. Then in the years to come if I did my job right, they will be sitting at a table looking over photographs or reminiscing and remembering the time when they had that amazing cake...'you remember the one with the great sculpture' or 'never had another that tasted so moist and beautiful'. That's what makes cake decorating a fantastic job.

  Watching what people are doing in cake decorating around the world lends great inspiration to future cake designs. The "Great Cake-Off" showed on Foxtel recently made me think of making cakes that move/rotate, light up and explode. It's such a pity that in Australia we have laws to prevent us from using fireworks and explosives. But hey, there are many other ways to achieve similar results. Start small and move to the bigger and better eventually!
  Sorry the below clip is side on- I have yet to discover particular aspects of my camera or how to turn the clip once made...I will get there though!