14 February 2011

With a kiss & a hug on St.Valentines' Day

Having made deliveries all around Brisbane of late: sometimes all in the one day - it's good to see the city getting back to normal and underway again. With the floods making such an impact on business' everywhere and the price of flour and sugar rising with the waters, we're finally starting to see things level out.
Between cakes for functions on the north side and then dropping and setting cakes up down the coast, I've felt like a veritable yo-yo.

Found the above photo on the Internet whilst perousing through photos of flood affected areas... says it all really.

 Parties did still take place. I think a lot of Brisbane saw the chance to lift their spirits with family get-togethers and festive occasions. Just a way to forget their circumstances I suppose.
  There were a couple of cancellations and I hope that those families were able to get back on their feet as quickly as possible.
  It was great to see the way Brisbane supported it's fellow countrymen in this time of need.
  I made a trip down to West End to see if they could use a hand down there and took 2 cakes with me which were devoured within moments.
  But the thing that struck me the most was that whilst working and cleaning, people talked with each other and smiled and swapped stories.
  It's moments like these that I'm glad we moved to Brisbane.
  The Barbie convertible on the right was a surprise birthday cake for a lady from a friend who wanted to remain incognito... I delivered the cake to the lady's office in town where it received many a grin from colleagues. 

 These two little girl cakes were a pleasure to make with Strawberry Shortcake making a comeback and Tinkerbell being the belle of the ball.

 This was definitely a first - I've done divorce cakes in the past but never something so risque!
  There's always a new theme for a cake. I even dream about them!
   All the details on this cake were hand-painted to recognise the voyage of a lifetime the clients' father had taken to start his new life here in Australia so long ago. The client found passport and birthda certificate photos alonmg with newspaper clippings of the boat he travelled on for me to use as reference for this cake.
 Childrens' cakes always keep me going - what with new themes and old ones which have both parents and children in awe of the cake.
  Then there's moments like this 'bread tag' cake...WTF? I say in jest!
  I was completely thrown with this concept. A lovely girl turning 21 with a collectible hobby for bread tags...yes, I repeat again bread tags.
  She collected them from bread bought for home originally but has since expanded her reportoire to now include bread tags from elsewhere.

 Keeping it simple is always a plus. Repeat customers of mine Carly and Michael were celebrating their daughters Christening. Using wire swirls with iced baubles on the end modernised the theme for this cake and made it stand out more than usual while still incorporating the invitations filigree work.

  Last of all I would love to say a HUUUGGEEE thank-you to all my clients who find the time after their big event to write back to me regarding their cake.
  Whether it's a quick line to say 'thank-you' or a lovely sentiment with photo included, it is always appreciated. It means that I'm doing something right and that I'm making their day that extra-little bit special.