06 December 2010

It's begininng to feel a lot like Christmas!

  Less than 1 month to go until Xmas people! I can't believe time flies so quickly when you are having fun. The orders just keep coming in and I have cakes booked in until November next year and enquiries for 2012!!!
  Before you know it, we'll be drinking and partying with the best of them.

Kids cakes have really taken off and more than ever with parents buying cakes for their kids using their favourite toys or tv shows as inspiration.
  Ben 10 for the boys and Dora the Explorer for the girls! And yet, within minutes of presenting these cakes, they are demolished beyond recognition by the birthday child and guests.
  It's why I love doing what I do. The look on the kids faces and the following phone call thanking me for a job well done by the parents makes it all worth while.

But don't get me wrong - it's not just the kids that enjoy the custom made cakes. Now they are for every age group from the littlies through to the adults.
 With the latest addition to the Harry potter movie season - "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" (which I went to see with my niece last week), there's been an influx of movie related cake themes.
  Many of which will be part of costume parties with guests of all ages.

"Sex in the City" was the main attraction for this cake above on the right with shoe fetishists' throughout the world rejoicing. With less intricate designs of similar themes for the cakes on the left.

  Or for the boys - UFC (Ultimate Fighting Champonships) has seen the latest boom. Bye, bye world wrestling :(
  The cake below made for 200 guests contained a UFC octagonal ring and 2 fighters (one made to look like the birthday boy) with a bikini clad girl. Seats, supporters logo's and clothing gear all represented.

And for something a little bit different - one for the escapist in all of us. A sailing boat off to see the world.

   With this next cake, there was a funny story behind the laptop cake including a work colleague who remains single searching the web for the woman of his dreams!
  Someone was trying to give the poor guy a hint!
And last of all the novelty cake for the wedding couple. A small token wedding cake made more for the groom than the bride... a true football fanatic!
  I hope she's still grinning like this after a few years!


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