28 April 2010

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away...

  It feels like ages since the last time I posted but when busy - the orders come first! No rest for the wicked as they say.
  The last few weeks have been filled with wedding, christening and birthday creations and with the weather holding out in Brisbane - I've been fortunate enough to have the cakes made and ready to go on time.
  As some of you know, when the rain comes down so does ths icing on the cake - so many of these were last minute creations so the weather had little chance to play havoc with my work.
With a small wedding cake - the details need to be perfect. The flowers supplied by Jill Pettit of "Lilly Pilly's" (http://www.lillypillys.net.au/) provided a  complete finish. Prompt delivery with a smile was also a plus.

For another special moment - check out this Christening cake:

The Holden racing car was picked up by a happy customer who believed it would have been too hard to apply the wording to the vehicle. As usual it's the challenge that excites me in what I do!
  They say I shouldn't condone gambling but why not when the cake is great fun to make? I almost wanted an "Ace of Cakes" moment with the roulette table up top...if I had time to make it spin - that would have been the 'piece de resistance'.
  I promise to post more as soon as I can stop the cake decorating for a minute.


  1. Antonella, you are very popular with your nice cakes, even here in the Middle East people like them.