06 August 2011

Everyone Wants to be a MasterChef!

Yes - you heard me correctly! With all the foodies out there wanting to try their hand at cake decorating and some of my clients requesting to be taught, I too have now fallen into the trap of teaching.
Why? I hear you ask. Well, it's simple - the cake decorating industry has always been governed by little old ladies working from home with lots of time on their hands. I realise this sounds like a generalisation and you can probably pick one or two family members who are not old and who would love to show off their cake talents. However, it's only recently that the younger generation are wanting to put in the hard yards.
  Everyone thinks they can just pick up a recipe, bake off a cake and voila! instant success. It does come easy to some but others have to work hard at it. And anyone who has tried to make a cake will know that the time and expertise required is a lot more than your average baker.
  Don't get me wrong - I love the fact that they have tried...sometimes it's the act of attempting something that makes you realise why there are people who do this for a living. Everyday becomes an instruction into a new way of creating.
  So here comes 'the cake girl'- into the fray I go! I will only be teaching at the most 2 students at a time. This will make it personal and I can devote my attention to the person more so than a class of 5 or more.
  Classes will involve students in beginners' tutorials through to making your own wedding cake for advanced pupils. Party cake decorating also available.
  Anyone who is interested need just go to my website and I can email them a copy of my PDF pamphlet with more details or see Cake Decorating Classes Pamphlet -
  Alternatively, if there is another aspect of cake decorating you would like to learn eg. biscuit decorating, gingerbread houses then just let me know! We can discuss what you already know how to do so we can add to your extensive foray into the art of baking and decorating!


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