03 November 2010

I've been a Bad, Bad Girl

  You know what they say - good girls go to heaven, bad girls go everywhere! So what's the deal because I've been nowhere but work and home. Oh - apart from family weddings'!
As per usual I apologise for not having a chance to get on. I'm sure the Tax Department will be happy to hear that I'm spending my time on this rather than at the accountants making sure my Bas is up to date. Oh well - them's the breaks!
  It's been a hectic couple of months with the wedding season now over with and the last stragglers coming through, I wonder what the silly season will bring?

  "Under the Cherry Blossoms" - The cake on the left was an interesting change to the usual wedding cake with both the bride and groom being avid badminton players. They wanted to incoprorate this onto their cake with the two hand-made figurines sporting sneakers, rackets and bag...pretty good promotion for the companies making the equipment!
Cherry blossoms accent the rest of the cake from front to back.

  Toy Story 3 has come out to raving reviews and the children have been wanting a theme cake. There's been toy boxes and beds, tiered stacks and exploding Dino's! I've had fun making the characters out of molding paste and watching the kids faces when they come to pick up their cakes is even better. Mind you - I think I would cry when I see them tear into it!
  "Sunday Roast" was a strange cake to make. I kept expecting the smell of fried chicken, potatoes and peas to issue forth and yet the sweetness of the icing and te chocolate cake beneath assaulted the senses instead.
  It was enough to do your head in.

  These small cakes were for a wedding where the groom had lent his artistic creativity to the event. His design of their initials withing a heart linked by a graphic element was a nice change to a traditional wedding cake.
  Each cake had a white fondant heart placed on top with the logo reproduced by hand-painting with edible food colours on top.
The couple had a variety of guests including family memebers from overseas so although they kept the wedding small, the flashiness was outdone with their inventiveness.
  Once stacked at the venue, I had created a larger cake topper in the same vein as the smaller cakes but with a little bling on the side.

  With hearts coming back into vogue, this twist on a classic cake looked absolutely fabulous. The edible silver cashous encrusted around the base of each tier added luster.
 When I dropped the cake off at the venue I was happy to see how well the cake fit in with all the decorations - it was pretty in pink!

  On a sad but happy note - it's nice to see that sometimes when weddings don't work out there can still be a funny side.
  I made my first 'divorce' cake ever. There have been many noted on the interent and emailed to me by friends who thought the idea a hilarious one.
   With large flowers being all the rage - the "Sexy Temptress" to the right was a beautiful, stunning cake to create.
  The cake was then transported to Stradbroke Island for the wedding and I think my grey hair grew by 90% that day. The weather did not bode well and with all the rain, the humidity was really putting a damper on things.
  Thank god it got there in one piece and the weather cleared for the wedding the following day. I breathed a sigh of relief when the Bride's mother contacted me thanking me for a job well done.

   A great order for a family just returned from an African safari were the two seperate cakes to the left and below.

  The rhino was recreated for the boy in the family and the giraffe for his sister. Apparently, they had enjoyed the safari so much that mum thought it was a great idea to have their favourit animals on the trip made from cake for their birthday party.
  I couldn't make the giraffe's neck as long as I wanted to but who know's? - maybe we'll be able to get our hands on 'rice-crispy rolls' like on 'Ace of Cakes' soon enough! Australia will catch up quicker that we think.


"Rabbitoh's" everywhere rejoice! A young fan who works down at my local fruit shop had this ordered for her birthday. She recalled it immediately whn I dropped in to buy some vegies the other day.
  I couldn't believe she was still eating it although the party had been more than a month prior!
 She said she had stored it in the fridge and the cake still tasted great. I must say I was skeptical. But she seemed happy and healthy so who am I to judge?

 Weddings are so diverse and each couple has a specific idea in mind when it comes to their special day.
 These cakes will give you an idea of the wide variety available and why when it comes to designing a cake for your day you can have something that has been made just for you.

 Some cake decorators like to work only with chocolate, others' only in traditional classic styles. I like to make something for everyone. It makes my job so much more creative when I can put together a cake which is as diverse as the client themselves.


I will add on further asap. Have a fantastic day!

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