10 November 2010

Of Ghosts & ghouls - things that go bump in the night!

Halloween is not necessarily as big here as it is in the States - but the phenomenon is growing! As much as consumerism and marketing can push it, I have loved dressing up since I was little and had always loved the scarier things in life.
 I wish I had the time during the season to put on a mega party for dress-up lovers' like myself. Unfortunately with the cakes taking up the time and loving the smiles on the clients faces when they pick up their cakes - it pretty much declares the time a non-event.


   However, I love it when the kids come trick or treating and I feel like the witch in the gingerbread house handing out bags of goodies...
  Coming from a family of four girls - me being the last try for the boy! - my father and I bonded over late night movies of Frankenstein, Dracula and the Mummy. Classics which I will always watch with fondness. Anything ghoulish or macabre has intrigued me and they don't scare me at all. The thrill of making a cake for others having a "scary" night is fantastic.

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