10 November 2010

A Royal Charity Event

  My cousin invited me to a very special event back in August - it was an 'eye tea' hosted by herself and her mother-in-law to help purchase medical equipment for children who are blind or severely vision impaired. It was to say the least - 'an eye opening experience' - no pun intended.
  Although there was a small fee to help raise money and raffles, the ladies put on such an amazing aray of goodies throughout their tea areas and served us professionally.
  With savoury and sweets, I wanted to contribute a little more to the event and made a cake to be raffled off.

The above cake was all completely edible - from the cup, saucer, spoon, fork and cake slice to the teapot.
  In the end, I recieved a note from the ladies holding the event and was haapily surprised to learn we had helped to raise almost $10,000 for Blind and Vision impaired children.
  If anyone else out there would like to sponsor an 'eye tea' in Brisbane, please call: Melissa Fanshawe 0439 820 495.

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