03 November 2010

Promises, Promises

Well - I did promise that I would be right back to continue and here I am!

 I remember when I was little girl that my eldest sister had a favourite toy - a pinocchio doll made of wood. A lovely piece of workmanship with a rubber nose. That nose had been eaten continously and used as a teething toy for years and I think she still has it!
  When the client came to me to make pinocchio for a Christening cake I thought it an awesome idea. I had heaps of fun and each moment made me feel like I had reverted to my childhood.

 Another thing I loved to do in my spare time as a kid was to draw. I would draw pretty ladies in large ball gown dresses - obviously created from watching Disney movies on Sunday afternoons. Daddy's little girl loved to think that when I grew up I would be rushed off my feet by my knight in shining armour... it's still like that for many little girls.
  The cake on the left is testimonial for another one in many.
  For one of my regular clients - her little girl was having a Minnie party.

  She gave me strict instructions that Minnie was to be dresses in her original red dress with polka dots and yellow heels.

Apart from the main cake she was also having a family party on a following day so the above cupcakes were made to match the theme.

    There was a lady who I used to deal with at a function centre which closed down. When it came to her wedding, she contacted me knowing that I could make her an egg free cake for her wedding.
  Having always organised other people's it was lovely to liase with her on her own. She's a wonderful, vibrant person and the wedding certainly reflected the same vitality.
  Upon delivering the cake, I quickly stopped in with the florist and wished her and her partner to be all the best. It didn't surprise me that the room she was staying in was a replica of a pyramid with all the accoutrements to match.  So with a modern take on a classic design, burnt orange bridesmaid dresses and flowers...the cake was the complete opposite!

   For some couples when it comes to their wedding cake, a simple affair is often the best. The cake to the right reflects the colours and design of the wedding. A touch of black to make it contemporary but with the draping and flowers of the past.
  Upon cencelling their wedding date, a couple who had paid a large sum of their deposit requested the money be used for another occasion. Not a problem! I used the amount they had originally deposited to create this gorgeous cake to the left for a family memebers' 21st instead. It was much appreciated.

  Lord of the Rings fans will be happy to know that the Elvish writing on this cake reproduction is not as easy as it looks! My calligraphy work as a child certainly helped!

  Another wedding cake delivered to Manly in Brisbane was the photo taken to the left. A stately tall cake with topper provided by the client reproduced with a spray of iced hand-made flowers.
  It was originally meant to be wedgewood blue in colour, however the bride rang the week of the wedding to ask me to change it to chocolate brown as there had been issues with decorating the venue as originally planned.
  I think the cake still looked stunning in chocolate and more delicious as the colour blue is seen to be inedible by many people.

  From childrens' parties to adult birthdays' cakes can  be made to suit the individual.
  A child's favourite toy to the addictive cup of coffee for a cafe manager - you're only limited by your imagination!

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